These new buses in town, they’ve added another set of seats grouped in four, across the aisle from a symmetrical set that’s always been there. It’s the spot, ideal, to hide, and seek the little tensions of youth. One day He got on after school, earphones, cell sticking out of a back pocket – two more of his kind behind him. He found the spot, they sat facing him but across the aisle. They didn’t know and He didn’t, either, at first. But soon the game started, of glances, late summer, school just back in, so the guys wore a pair of light jeans that showed the ankle and a bit of the leg, a T-shirt with arms exposed. Tanned. One look at them and one look, slightly sad, at the big city reeling by, keeping a self-imposed regime of caution. All of him – all of it. You were left wondering which music pumped emotions in the young heart.

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