paper shots 2 - 47

The small screens on the platforms stop blasting videos when the train’s on its way in. “Incoming train. Stand back.” Sometimes they don’t work – we get screeching brakes and we know. We get on. Umbrellas swoosh in a battle for a vertical place as sitting eyes roll back because it rained yesterday and last night – what makes these people think it’s going to rain today? They’re afraid of one gray cloud. Meanwhile, in a book, “The medieval king was not an absolute ruler or a constitutional monarch, but a contractual one. In his oath while being anointed and crowned, he committed in front of God, the Church and the people. (The first two capital. Who gives a fig about the people? Although,) “The first two contracts became null with historical evolution, thus laying the foundations for the control of power by the people or by an organism representing it.” Capital letters are not worth that much after all. We get off.

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