paper shots 2 - 77

I need more clothespins and one day I may call Bob. (Once I’m done with the laundry.) I have his phone number. Whoever wrote it on this post-it note surely never thought one day a stranger would find it in the book they’d sell on Amazon and the stranger buy and get delivered. I just may call Bob, phone him and talk to him. Although the post-it note looks yellower than its usual yellow and the book is an old edition. I would probably have shaken the book in mid-air to see if there was anything stuck in between the pages before selling it, assuming the book was ever read, it is one of those. So Bob might have been the friend who never sat in the quiet living room, curtains parted for glimpses of the green garden, shading his eyes from the dazzling sunlight, doubting that a hand had ever touched these very immaculate pages. I wonder…


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