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He got a punch in the face because he said to his friend he was a bat, at recession in the courtyard. The animal impulse in this (un)usual kid fight, the species gathered round to witness. And now mom is trying her best in discipline-&-living-together parenting, although, well, it’s funny because “why a bat?”, the 5-year-old replies that she used it, to dad, once. “Really?” Surely no adult would… “Yes, in the car, to the airport.” “Sweety, I probably said rat.” “Daddy a rat?” “It’s a long story. Forget it.” Pause. “Rats are cute. Jamie is a bat.”

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8 Replies to “THE BAT FIGHT”

  1. It’s a good idea to have an opening line that punches, and yours certainly does! I enjoyed the scrapping over the name-calling and mom backpedaling as far as what she might have said. Bat or rat, there was some provocation.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments and feedback! 🙂 This Friday challenge is really, well, “challenging” and fun. Thanks for creating it. I shall be so lucky if i can open with another punchline without an actual punch.. haha!

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