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He took a milk carton from a kitchen cabinet, then put it back there even though it was now open – it should have gone into the refrigerator. He took a sip of water. The smell of oranges about to go bad wafted from the fruit bowl on the table (made of wood ever so slightly darker than that of the fruit bowl.) The party at His Eminence swirled in his hangover – its theme: “What You Don’t Talk About Doesn’t Exist” – they called him His Eminence after his ascetic countenance by day, and his “torrent of bizarre gaieties” by night.

In response to: https://carrotranch.com/2019/03/28/march-28-flash-fiction-challenge/


  1. I have never heard of keeping milk in a cabinet, even unopened. Sorry, I got stuck on that.

    I like the superhero-esque dual life. I guess he’s a super partier.

    Cats don’t need to talk. That cat is saying everything with that look. “Don’t you dare take a picture of me. You gonna do it, aren’t you? You did it. Seriously?”

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    1. haha! You got that right about the cat! And yet his pose was just picture perfect (be he probably knew that!) As for the carton of milk, you know, while writing this I had thought some readers might find it strange – and stop the flow of the story. But yes, there are some brands (especially lactose-free) that you don’t need to refrigerate before opening. But after that, straight into the fridge they go! 😉

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